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            怎樣可以預防活動房呈現漏水的景象來源:http://www.bvgeo.com   時間:2018-12-18
            How to Prevent Water Leakage in Activity Room
            1. The high-rise light steel movable room adopts cold-formed thin-walled steel structure system, and the walls and roofs adopt color steel sandwich panels. The high-grade light steel movable roof is designed with waterproof structure, which improves the air density and water tightness of the house. Light steel trailer is light in weight and easy to install. Six skilled workers can install 200_houses in one day.
            2. Light steel movable room factory, according to practical use, can choose to add ceiling, dismantle air, dismantle device eaves, color steel doors and other accessories. The light steel movable room has strong adaptability to the environment and convenient on-site installation, which can be used for economical, cheap temporary office, accommodation and so on.
            3. All components of light steel keel not only facilitate installation and assembly, but also enrich the layout function of prefabricated houses and buildings by freely adding, adding, changing the status of doors and windows and partitions. Light steel movable room component data recovery application, component galvanized, can continue to use for 20 years, construction process does not occur construction waste.
            4. The complete assembly of the parts of the light steel moving room makes the house easy to transport and wastes the cost. Light steel movable room has excellent resistance to 86.4 km/h wind speed because of its fragmentation. The structure of light movable board indicates that the house has a good faith when it encounters earthquake disaster, which is stronger than 7 degree seismic fortification.
            5. In the construction period, it is very important to do a good job of leak prevention and plugging, which is also indirectly related to the follow-up performance of the slab house. However, there are also some details about how to avoid the leaking of the movable panel room, which I believe will be helpful.
            6. In the planning process, we also need to plan the best plan according to the practice and climate conditions. In the construction process of prefabricated houses, in some long achievements, first of all, various demonstrations are needed to make the structure of the trailer as long and reasonable as possible, and the waterproof effect is also outstanding.
            7. We also need to be exposed to the prior climate and select the most suitable black steel plate. Initially, in the detailed construction, the leakage hazards were tracked and the construction personnel were trained to ensure safety.
            To sum up all the above-mentioned information provided by Jinan Pengkai Container Co., Ltd., we would like to know more about Jinan's resident containers. Welcome to our website: http://www.bvgeo.com. Thank you for your support!

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