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            住人集裝箱與活動板房的不同來源:http://www.bvgeo.com   時間:2018-11-13
            Difference between living container and movable board room
            At present, there are two main types of products in the mobile housing market: residential containers and mobile panels. These two products are widely used all over the country, providing people with a large number of cheap, safe and useful temporary housing buildings.
            Planning for residential containers introduces modern household elements, with individual containers as units, arbitrarily combining and overlapping, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture-proof, heat insulation and other functions to be better. Planning for movable panel houses uses raw materials such as steel and sheets as units for site installation, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention and moisture-proof. The function of heat insulation is poor, and it is not helpful for people to select by comparison until the end of the device.
            Structurally, the residential containers are all constructions, welded and fixed, more secure, more wind-resistant, more earthquake-resistant, and will not be scattered in the event of hurricanes, earthquakes, subsidence and other disasters. The collapsed movable slab houses are mosaic structures with small resistance, weak foundation, hurricanes, earthquakes and so on. They simply collapse and scatter, and are not safe.
            In terms of installations, residential containers can be hoisted in whole containers without concrete foundation, 15-minute installations and 1-hour installations. When connected with power supply, they can use the installations of movable slab houses to make concrete foundation, build main body, install walls, hang ceiling, install water and electricity, etc., which takes a long time.
            In decoration, the floor of residential containers is paved with tiles, and the walls, ceiling, water and electricity, doors and windows, exhaust fans and other disposable decorations are used permanently. The wall, ceiling, water pipe, circuit, lighting, doors and windows of movable panel houses with energy-saving, environmental protection and beauty require on-site installations. They have long construction period, large losses and are not beautiful yet.
            In terms of application, the resident container planning becomes more humanized, the resident and the work become more comfortable, the number of rooms can be added or reduced at any time, the sound insulation and fire protection function of the sensitive moving board room is poor, the comfort of the resident and the work is general, and the number of rooms can not be temporarily increased or decreased after the installation is fixed and formed.
            In the aspect of moving, there is no need to separate the living containers. The articles in the room can move with the boxes without loss. They can be lifted and moved more than 1000 times. It is also convenient and economical to move movable boarded houses. They also need to be discretized and re-installed. The articles have to be picked up and handled properly. Each disassembly and assembly of materials is costly, time-consuming and labor-consuming. After being loaded four or five times, it is basically scrapped.
            To sum up all the above-mentioned information provided by Jinan Pengkai Container Co., Ltd., we would like to know more about Jinan's resident containers. Welcome to our website: http://www.bvgeo.com. Thank you for your support!

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